Getting to know me

In case you’re curious

Things I don’t like:

I don’t like the word, “veggies”

I don’t like hand dryers

I don’t like Cajun fries

I don’t like “went missing”, it’s disappeared

I don’t like cole slaw

I don’t like most of the musical artists who have come along since Bix died.

I don’t like ultra light beer

I don’t like beer flavored with blueberries, chocolate, vanilla, strawberries or oranges

I don’t like pickles in tuna salad

I don’t like vocal fry speech (look it up)

I don’t like flip flops

I don’t like ranch dressing

I don’t like Hobbit, Harry Potter, Narnia, Star Wars movies or anything with Katherine Heigl

I don’t like talk about fantasy football

I don’t like people who use the nonsensical phrase, “the proof is in the pudding”

I don’t like cell phones

Things I do like:

Cold, crisp apples

That’s about it


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