The importance of the family

Family has always been very important to me and I’ve tried to teach my kids that knowing their family history helps them understand who they are and where they came from.  Old photo albums, snapshots, and family portraits along with written family history create that link with the past.   As I organized pictures and wrote down the family story I started to get concerned that all of my work could be lost if the computer crashed.   Not knowing what to do I did some research and decided to go with one of the on-line services that saves computer files “in the clouds” (I went with one of the oldest in the business—“since 2009”).

You can imagine how upset I was when I received an email from Clouds, Inc that they had experienced a technical problem which is called a “glitch” and that my files in sectors 5545A-5648Q had been lost.  This is where you’re glad that you went with a well established firm.  They said they understood the importance of my files (familypictures/familynarrative/old) and wanted to do everything possible to make things right.  Although company policy prohibited them from refunding my money they did invite me to browse their extensive family pictures files (family photos/old) for replacements, “…maybe you will like to take this opportunity to refresh and upgrade your family photo album. You know you’ve always thought it so why not replace those pictures of short, dumpy men with gentlemen who are a little taller, a little better looking?  Why not replace the pictures of your frumpy, sour looking female ancestors with prettier ladies with smiles on their faces?” They also invited me to pull two or three upgraded relatives from their Premium collection and have some ancestors that people have actually heard of plus I get to change the family narrative if I upgrade to a Premium Plus account.

What an improvement. How thrilling it will be for my progeny to read the family history knowing they are descended from Joan of Arc, John Hancock, the Wright Brothers and Milton Berle.  Now I have a family history and photos that my great great grandchildren will be proud to show off.

Family has always been very important to me.


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