I remember

I was out today and saw a ’64 Ford like my aunt Dorothy’s.  This one was white, she had a red hardtop.  I started to think about the cars we’ve had.  We had a Dodge station wagon, I can’t remember the name of the model but the Plymouth was a Volare.  Then we had an Oldsmobile Cutlass station wagon, I can’t remember that model either but it was blue.  Then we had three vans and I think only one of the three had a third seat.  After the vans we got my wife a little Dodge something sedan, it was red.

Sometime in the early nineties I bought a gray Olds Cutlass sedan.  I remember it was pretty quick for a four or maybe it was a six.  After that I’ve had Camrys but I can’t remember how many.  I think it was a four cylinder.

When I was eight I got a 24” Montgomery Ward Hawthorne bike for Christmas.  It was maroon with a cream stripe running down the fender.  I can remember the shape of the pedals and the tread pattern on the Montgomery Ward Riverside tires.


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