A Street View trip

Google Earth Street View is absolutely astonishing.  Sitting there at the computer you’re able to wander down most any street turning to see your house, the old neighborhood, Uncle Bob’s house, vacation spots you are considering or businesses that you are going to visit.  I am stunned by how advanced the technology is and I am only looking at what is available for free to the general public.  It’s going to be incredible as Google makes Street View even easier to use and the images become sharper.  Although I am amazed by the technology I think I should probably take the time to bring some issues to Google’s attention.

When I was a kid during the winter we would enjoy sledding down “Suicide Hill” which, as I recall, was very close to being an Olympic luge run.  In addition to the length and the steepness of the hill we further tempted fate when we cut the legs off of one side of a small table to make a ski jump.  How we survived childhood is beyond me.

I entered the location of the hill in Google Earth Street View and was disturbed to see that apparently Google is having problems with their cameras or data systems.  Following the arrows down the street toward old Suicide I noticed that the pictures did not show the correct topography of the area.  What I was seeing was a street with just a slight rise in front of Jimmy’s house and not the roller coaster avenue that I recall.  When I got to our hill I rotated the view and found that the slope now would hardly be enough to cause a lawn mower to roll away.

I did some quick research on continental drift which I thought might have caused the flattening of the area but found that any change to the slope from the shifting of the continental plates would have come over a few million years and I was sledding when I was nine.

I hope that Google addresses this problem and makes the necessary corrections. Their system is great but it must present an accurate image.

The virtual trip I took through the area where I grew up brought back all sorts of memories.  While I am waiting to hear from Google about the corrections they will have to make to Street View I think I’ll do some more online research and look up some old childhood friends.  I remember Leslie who lived down the street.  She was so pretty and I was as in love with her as any nine year old can be.   Blond hair and pretty blue eyes.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like today.  I’ll bet she’s as pretty as I remember.


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