Where are my gloves?

In June if you need to go to the corner store for bread or milk out the door you go.  In July when you see that the lawn needs mowing out the door you go and within a minute you’re behind the Toro.

In February nothing is spontaneous.  Going outside starts a chain of activities that can include putting on a sweater, getting your boots, your coat, your hat, your scarf and your gloves.  And that’s where I found myself when I looked out and decided that I’d better clear the sidewalk before the snow got too deep.

“Sweetheart, have you seen my gloves?”

The answer, “no” to her question, “did you find your gloves?” brought a command that “you’re not going out in this weather without gloves.  If you can’t find them go and get a new pair”.

“Great” and out I go with my hands up inside my sleeves because I’ll need to clean the snow off the windshield.  I just saw them, where did I put them?

Walking into the store was like walking into a time machine set three or four months ahead.  Outside it’s snowing, outside it’s blowing, outside it’s freezing but in here it’s all bright yellow with summery displays showing the latest beach fashions and items: bathing suits, flip flops, beach towels, summer hats and sun screen.

“Yes, where are your gloves?”

The associate looked at me as if I had asked where I could find the eight track cassette players.

“We wouldn’t have gloves at this time of year would we”, she said as she smiled and waved her hand over the summer displays.  “They’d be right here but we’re not going to have any new winter merchandise until August”.

“Thank you, I’ll look around”.

What am I going to do? I need to get the snow cleared.

I parked on the street so that I could get the driveway cleaned and went right into the garage.  For once the snow blower started right up with only 35 pulls and in no time I had the driveway and the sidewalks cleared of snow, for now.

When I came in the house she was waiting with a cup of hot chocolate.  “Nice job, you’ll be glad that you got that done what on earth do you have on your hands”?

I couldn’t hide them so I sheepishly lifted both of my paws to show her a lime green left hand and a kind of teal right hand.



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