It’s more than just lunch

A few years ago I was with my three year old grandson on a Saturday afternoon.  Who knows where we were going but I’m sure we had to be somewhere and pretty soon too so that when we stopped for lunch I no doubt told him to hurray up.  As he sat there with his pile of chicken nuggets I was probably estimating how long it would take him to finish.  As he sat there eating his lunch I can see myself crumpling up the wrappers so we could get on our way.  As he sat there finishing his lunch I would have been busy jingling my keys.  “Come on, let’s go”.

A few weeks later we went to lunch again. This time I didn’t watch the clock. This time I turned off my cell phone.  This time I didn’t worry about where we were going.  This time instead of watching the clock I watched him.

Have you ever been to McDonald’s to see what really goes on there?  People walk through the door and you have to look to see who it is coming in.  You eat french fries and maybe get ketchup on your face so you have to get more napkins, “I do it”. The ice machine drops the cubes into a cup and makes noise. Cars and trucks and maybe an ambulance with its siren wailing drive by.   A McDonald’s worker in the back drops a tray and it makes a bang.  Birds fly by and some land on the picnic table out front.  Then a young girl in her McDonald’s uniform comes by with a broom followed by another worker who cleans the tables.  Did you know this? Have you seen this? How long has this been going on?

I guess things like this happen at McDonald’s and a lot of other places too.  I’ll bet they happen all the time and I just missed it.  My three year old grandson is now eight but I’ve got three more little ones coming along and you will not hear “hurry up” from me.

And you thought that McDonald’s was just for a quick meal.


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