Making it easy to eat healthy

My wife and I know we should and we always think about it but it can be hard to eat healthy when dining out.  Now things have changed with so much focus on health and good nutrition and many restaurants have made it much easier with their new menu items. When you go into a place like Applebee’s one of the first things you notice are the menu selections aimed at helping you make that “right” meal decision.

“Hi, I’m Lori and I’ll be taking care of you today” said, well, Lori, who was our perky young waitress or waitstaff or wait or whatever it is.

She handed us the menus, asked us for our drink orders (a water with lemon and a water with no lemon) and said she would be right back.

What a selection of really healthy entrees.  There was a Zesty Roman Chicken and Shrimp, Napa Chicken and Portobellos, Roasted Garlic Sirloin served over sautéed onions, Lemon Parmesan Shrimp and all of them are under 550 calories.

When Lori came back with the water and asked if we were ready to order I told her how impressed I was with the healthy menu selections.  She said there was a real interest in offering healthy fare to their guests and that Applebee’s prides itself on helping America eat better.

We ordered the Zesty Roman Chicken and Shrimp and the Napa Chicken and Portobellos and I must admit we felt good about it so when she asked if we wanted to put in an appetizer order we said sure and that’s when she recommended the Mozzarella Sticks because you just can’t get enough fried cheese.


2 thoughts on “Making it easy to eat healthy

  1. It is interesting to hear about their new offerings! I recently read some articles saying that they underestimate the calories and don’t include the calories from any sides, sauces, etc that come with the meal. I normally try to calculate the meals myself as well to make sure I’m eating well! That way, I can have mozzarella sticks every so often : )

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