Writing to Buster

Who knows what it is that triggers a thought about someone? If that something is not money that you borrowed and if that person is special that thought may very well produce warm feelings and you may think about writing or calling.  I can remember when I was eight and looked at the watch my grandparents had sent me for my last birthday and thinking that I should write them a nice letter about what I was doing, how school was going and what books I was reading.  I sat down and wrote, “How are you, I am fine” and then sat there and sat there and sat there before I told them, “I have fun with my friends, school is good and I am reading The Hardy Boys.”  They must have loved hearing from me.

When you’re writing a paper or writing to someone you probably go through that same kind of “where do I start?” moment.  It can take time to turn those thoughts and warm feelings into words. When people used to bring out a piece of stationery and begin to compose they might write, walk away, think about the person, come back and write some more, go to the corner to mail the letter and wait days or weeks for a reply.  That was the way love letters would have been written during war time.  The letter writing process was mixed with long thoughts over long periods of time about the loved one and how it was going to be after the fighting ended.  The process of writing letters helped develop deep thoughts and deep emotions on both ends of the correspondence. Now the process is much faster and that faster pace might not allow time to fully develop the important thoughts and feelings.

Anyway, thinking about writing letters made me want to set aside some time and write a post about how much I enjoy the writing process.  The tools have changed, we don’t use stationery and pens much anymore, but it’s still about composing thoughts.

I pretty much knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it so it was just a matter of turning on the computer and typing in the incorrect password.  Incorrect password? How can it be an incorrect password? The password is “password” right there on the screen in front of me. The laziest and most insecure password of all-time so I can’t forget it password, “password”.  No problem, that’s why I entered most of the passwords in password keeper on my cell phone.

Click, click, click, password keeper.  Invalid password?  Wait, this should be “password” too.  Let me try password 1, password2, password3 and I am in, whew.  Now to see what my computer password is, click, click, Rosebud?  No wonder I couldn’t remember it.  Rosebud?  I wonder what movie was on TV that night.

Password?  Rosebud.  You know as long as I am doing this I should make a list of all my passwords—Yahoo mail, bank accounts, Barnes and Noble and all the travel/hotel room/rental car sites that I never use but might someday, maybe.  Just let me confirm the bank password for, “forget password?”  Yes.  Pet’s name?  “Buster”.  An email will be sent to your email account.  Open up the mail and enter the new password, “passwords do not match”, reenter and “weak?”, “password1”, weak, “password2”, weak, PaSsword1”, strong and strong it is.  Enough of this.

So I was thinking about how much I enjoy writing? I haven’t even started. To hell with it.  Maybe I’ll just sit here and think about good old Buster, what a great dog.  I always have warm feelings thinking about my pooch and I don’t have to remember a password so I can write to Buster because he died when I was 14.


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