Teach your children

Ancient man survived by learning from his father all the skills that his father had learned from his father. Now, here I am with sons and grandsons and I realize that I haven’t taken the time to show them what I know and the skills I have learned.  Maybe this weekend I can bring the guys together.  Maybe this weekend they can learn how to use aluminum foil on the end of the rabbit ears to improve TV reception and how to tape a nickel on the end of the tone arm to keep the record from skipping and how to swing the TV around to pull out the tubes so we can take them to the tube-tester at the drug store and how to call GR1-1212 for the time and WE1-1212 for the weather and we can talk about the fine points of using a three speed transmission with the shifter mounted on the column.  I’ll do that, this weekend, and then as a special treat I’ll teach them how to do the hully gully and the boogaloo.


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