The playground

I walked the little kids to the playground yesterday afternoon and it took me back. We had a large steel slide with about 8 to 10 steps on the ladder and a long slide that dumped you on the ground at the bottom.  That slide could get as hot as a griddle in the summer.  They have a plastic slide that drops about four feet at such a slight angle that the kids have to pull themselves down to the bottom where they step off onto a bed of wood chips.

We had about ten swings.  They have a plastic slide that drops about four feet.  We had a seesaw (teeter-totter) and monkey bars.  They have a slide.  We had a merry-go-round.  Slide.

The playground doesn’t seem to be much focused on the children.  It seems to be focused on preventing the city law department from having to respond to injury lawsuits.  No skinned knees, no cuts, no bruises, no bumps, no lawsuits and I can understand the city’s position because of one thing that the playground has that we didn’t have.  At the bottom of the four foot slide sitting on the wood chips where the kids finish their turn on the slide is a desk with a lawyer handing out his card.


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