Communication , (from the Latin, “communis” meaning to share): a process by which information is exchanged between individuals.  Communication is said to be the key to every relationship, organization, goal and strategy.

If communication truly is the key to societal well-being than we must be on the threshold of swinging the door wide open to improving every relationship, every organization, every meeting and every goal since all people seem to do anymore is talk and talk and talk and text on cell phones.  It hasn’t been that long since communication was limited to talking face to face or sitting down to write a letter or making a call on a phone that sat on a desk or was attached to a wall.  Now we can’t seem to go anywhere without a phone and without that phone ringing and without that ringing phone needing to be answered.  When the concept of common courtesy was understood and observed there would have been no need to ask people to avoid the distracting behavior of using a cell phone.  In 2013 the problem is that common courtesy is not observed and now we need specific announcements and laws related to cell phones behavior.


Laws have had to be passed to keep drivers from talking and/or texting while operating a motor vehicle.


“Kindly refrain from using cellular phones.”

Movie theaters?

“Please don’t spoil the movie by adding your own soundtrack”

Stage performances?

“Please turn off your cell phone (and other electronic devices) or turn it to silent (not vibrate) mode, prior to the start of a performance.  Do not text, use internet, engage in social media, play games or make calls during a performance.  If an emergency call comes in, please exit your seat.  Cell phones should only be used during appropriate times at the start and end of a show or during intermission.  The glow and sounds of a cell phone are distracting to both performers and patrons.”


“We wish to remind you to please turn off your cell phone ringer and refrain from using your cell phone during the wedding ceremony. Thank you!”


“Please silence your cell phone in church”

If we assume that a good portion, if not the majority of the calls and text messages being sent, are related to social interaction this problem may be on the way to taking care of itself.  How many times have you seen a pretty young girl talking on a cell phone with her head cocked to one side to hold the phone?  How many more calls will she need to make before her head is permanently fixed to the side?  I’ll bet there are an awful lot of people who are well on their way to having that full head tilt look.

“Gee, she sure is pretty.”

“Yeah, it’s just so sad that she has that disfigured neck—she looks hideous.  No wonder no one calls her anymore.”

Problems solved.


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