Sweet Caroline

There are always things that you see and hear that you know are not right but just can’t seem to put your finger on it, you just can’t seem to put it into words.  For me the current political situation in the United States is a perfect example.  Something is definitely wrong but those in power keep changing the subject so quickly and so often that it becomes difficult if not impossible to know exactly what the problems are, who is causing the problems and what the solutions should be.

Thank you, Secretary of State John F. Kerry.  Thank you, former Senator John F. Kerry.  Thank you.

The bombing and then chase of the two cowards who killed and maimed American citizens on the streets of Boston brought that city and the nation together by showing our common identity.  From the flags waving and the chanting of U-S-A Friday night when the second terrorist was found to the speech given by Boston Red Sox designated hitter, David Ortiz to the singing of “Sweet Caroline” at Yankee Stadium the country came together.  The people of the country know America when they see it and when they hear it.

And what did Secretary of State John F. Kerry of Boston do?  Secretary of State John F. Kerry thanked the New York Yankees fans for singing “Sweet Adeline” as a tribute to Boston.  Red Sox fans have sung “Sweet Caroline” before the bottom of the eighth inning of every home game since 2002.  That’s going on 1000 times that Neil Diamond’s song has been sung at Fenway Park (in Boston) and the former Senator who represented Massachusetts (Boston is in Massachusetts) and current Secretary of State who represents all Americans didn’t know the song.

Following Saturday’s Red Sox game if you asked the fans exiting Fenway to name the song Neil Diamond had just sung they would have said “Sweet Caroline” or they may have said they didn’t know but I very much doubt anyone would have said, “Sweet Adeline” unless they were members of a barbershop quartet.

Baseball, the great national pastime, the all-American game is part of what makes America America but in this case it spotlights those who have no real connection with the American people whether it is John F. Kerry who doesn’t know the song sung at Fenway since 2002 or Barack Obama of Chicago (big White Sox fan, huge) who couldn’t name a single past or current White Sox player on a team that is over 100 years old.  They think they know what they should say, what we want to hear, but they haven’t a clue about why.  And we let them represent us?

Thank you, baseball. You are opening the eyes of America.


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