Whaddayahave in there?

When I was in high school, “back in the day”, you either drove the family car or maybe a 9-10 year old Earl Sheib painted four door sedan with paint on the tires, door handles and headlights.  That was unless you were one of those guys who worked at the hardware store and used your entire paycheck to support some kind of hot car that made everyone at school jealous.

I remember sitting at a light and feeling that rumble as he pulled up in his red ’62 Chevy.  Vroom, Vroom, Vroom.  The car lifted and twisted as he revved the engine.

“Hey, man.  Nice car.”

He looked at me like I was dirt as I sat behind the wheel of my dad’s two-door Plymouth coupe.

“Whaddayahave in there?”

“A 409 with dual quad carbs, a four speed, Hurst shifter and a positraction rear end.”  Vroom, Vroom, Vroom.

“What kind of”….and before I could ask another annoying question the light changed and he punched it. The engine roared, the tires squealed and off he screamed followed by the blue smoke of burning tires and a four door Ford sedan with a flashing red light on top.

That was a long time ago.  They don’t make cars like that anymore but then last Saturday I was sitting at a light when a bright blue two-door pulled up next to me.

“Hey, nice car.”


“What do you have in there?”

“SiriusXM satellite radio, navigation system, Bluetooth and a DVD player.”

Before I could ask him how many cup holders he had the light changed and he accelerated through the intersection at a sensible, fuel-saving pace.

Henry Ford wept.


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