A cup of coffee and a question

When Jeanie and I would get up I put the coffee on so it would be ready when we came downstairs.  Then one day when we were running a little late she said that since our drives to work were the same for the first mile or so why didn’t we just stop at the new Starbucks?

That stop sure made the world of coffee open up for us.  The first thing we did was get a lesson on the proper way to order.  A little help from our barista and before long we were ordering like we were from Seattle.

“Hi.  A decaf double tall non-fat extra-dry cappuccino and a triple grande sugar free vanilla latte no whip, please”.

I can remember thinking that two coffees cost more than my mother’s coffee budget for seven or eight months but hey, they’re delicious and stopping does save a little time and makes the morning a little less stressful.

Sometimes at lunch, since our offices were close by, we would meet up for a for here Venti Tazo shaken iced black tea lemonade or maybe an iced half-caf quad grande soy Starbucks doubleshot on ice + energy if it was going to be a long and grueling afternoon.

“Hi, sweetheart, I’m heading home and thought I would stop.  I know that you like them so I’m going to pick up two grande strawberry and cream Frappuccino blended creams.  See you in a little while”.

We got to know our baristas pretty well and sometimes would just ask them what sounded good.  One time, Cindi said she was going to make us both quad Venti skinny with whip iced caramel Macchiatos but then she stopped and said she would make us Venti vanilla bean Frappuccino blended crèmes instead because she was afraid if she made us the “skinny” we would think she was calling us fat.   We all laughed about that and then I bought a couple of slices of the chocolate cinnamon bread because, “ I guess we aren’t fat after all.”  We all laughed again.

Most Saturday and Sunday mornings we just run out for coffee and enjoy the ambiance of Starbucks which I think is very relaxing.  Then last Saturday afternoon Jeanie was on her laptop paying some bills when I came in from working in the yard.  She seemed to be a little down and when I asked her why she said we were okay but that the money seemed to be getting a little tight.  She said at first she wondered if we had become victims of identity theft because money just seemed to be disappearing but then there were no other signs so that probably wasn’t it.

I told her to close the laptop and after I changed my shirt we would head on over to Starbucks, open the laptop back up and go over our expenditures. That was a good idea.  A couple of for here quad grande no-whip 170 mocha Macchiatos and two slices of the raspberry swirl pound cake and things looked better although we couldn’t really put our finger on where all the money was going which brings me to a question for my blog friends.

I know that we have all kinds of people with all kinds of skills out there reading and posting.  If you have seen this kind of mystery money problem yourself or maybe with friends or clients why not let me know. There are Starbucks everywhere so maybe we can get together to discuss our problem.  I’ll buy the coffee.  Hope to hear from you.


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