A simple life

You take a good hard look at your life when the years pile up and the end is in sight.  I’ve always tried to live a good life and not let the pursuit of money and things get in my way but it’s been hard.  Being part of a family which lived off inheritance income has meant having everything I wanted (my great uncle on my mother’s side invented the three-prong/two-prong adapter for AC power—the cheater plug).  I’m afraid that my privileged life has not helped make me the man I want to or should be.  Now, it’s like being in an athletic contest late in the game and not having a lot of options to turn things around.  But then something happened.

Last week, Thursday afternoon, I received an email from Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson Ernest (Mother Elizabeth Thompson, the 87 year old widow of Sir Thompson Ernest who died in a plane crash while flying from New York to Geneva in 1998) telling me that I have been chosen (she cannot say why) to receive 8.5 million British Pounds and that a bank draft has been deposited with all related charges paid.  Now, I know what you are thinking, Nigerian prince, right? This is a scam, right? That’s what I was thinking until I looked again at the email and saw that name, Mother Elizabeth Thompson, the Mother Elizabeth Thompson.  Reading the email again it all became clear to me.  She is very old and weak now and her days doing philanthropic work are nearly done and she wants to pass the money along to someone who can carry on doing good works.

Good works are what I have been trying to do with my family money.  I know that the additional funds could expand the reach of my own work but I’ve started to see this “blessing” from Mother Elizabeth as being not only a blessing for those who will be helped but also for me personally and let me tell you how and why.

I’ve decided to take this gift from Mother Elizabeth and pass it along to someone else so they can use the money to do good in the world.  It will help many new people and it just might help me acquire the sense of humility and charity and poverty that has been beyond my grasp for so long.

As I told you, all fees have been covered by Mother Elizabeth including the delivery charge, the insurance premium and the clearance fee and the only thing that needs to be paid is 250 British Pounds for the secure keeping of the cheque.  I am paying that amount in order to have the money transferred to me and now I am simply asking you to join me in this journey and pay that small amount to have the money transferred to you.

My own life on earth is winding down and as I make my pilgrimage to a simple and pure life I am taking a vow of poverty and leaving worldly riches behind.  I think that John Lennon said it best when he penned, “Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world…”

Won’t you think about helping others?  Won’t you think about helping this lonely and humble pilgrim, this dreamer on his journey to cast off the things of this world?   I wonder if you can.  I hope that you will.

I accept PayPal.




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