I can’t remember who said it

While every generation seems to believe that they are members of the most important group to ever walk the earth there are always some who think that they receive no respect from those who came before them.  Maybe the reason that there seems to be so little respect given is that so little has been done which deserves to be respected or done period.  From this belief that there is a lack of respect comes, “People try to denigrate us just because we do what we want.”  Silly, but then this is from people who cannot handle criticism and when they do receive it from someone older, no matter what the reason, it can seem to make life hard, maybe a little too hard and awfully cold.  Some young whiners have even said, “Before I get old like “them” I hope that I die.”

What the youth should know is that older people can remember what it was like to be young and how fragile the young can be as they struggle to learn about life.  The young should also be aware that the older generation isn’t going to fade away and that even if they don’t believe it the older generation really does want to understand what the young have to say.

Thinking about it, is it this kind of unstable thinking and thought process that is the reason for the perceived put downs in the first place?  Maybe.  Then again, maybe the youth don’t even know that they’re causing a big sensation with this incessant talking, talking, talking and talking about their generation.

And so the cycle continues with every generation going through the same thing.  The big difference now is that today’s youth are pretty much on their own and have to sort it out for themselves.  An earlier generation, the baby boomers (probably the wisest of all generations), had the advantage of not only having wise thinkers think for them but also having those wise thoughts put to music so all could hear and learn from that wisdom.  The troubadours of wisdom actually made a whole generation believe that they had something worthwhile to say.  We are seeing the results of that wisdom throughout society today.

Well, that’s what I think.  I probably could have better captured the thoughts I am trying to convey if I had quoted directly from those who spoke to the baby boom generation but I can’t remember who it was who was talking about their generation, baby.


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