I’m sorry

Not too long ago I went to a dollar store for flashlight batteries. When I gave the cashier my money she gave me the change and turned away so I stood there and waited and waited and then finally said, “You’re welcome.” She looked at me with a blank face and said, “Whatever” which pretty well sums it up where we are with courtesy today.

I can remember store clerks saying, “Thank you.”  I can remember getting on the city bus and having the driver make change using his coin changer which hung off the fare box and not being afraid he was going to be robbed. I can remember paying for merchandise with a $20 bill and not having the cashier run a special pen across the money to make sure that I was not passing counterfeit money.  I can remember a whole lot of things but mostly I remember when people didn’t feel the need to lock every door and buy security systems and walk down the street worried about attacks and thinking this might be their last day on earth.  I can remember those things.

So here I am, a person who has gone to and stayed in school and worked all my adult life and raised a family.  Here I am, a person who has paid taxes and obeyed the law and now guess what.  The problems with society? The crime and violence in the streets and the unemployment and the panhandlers and the vandalism and violence in the schools? Now I find out the behavior problems of some of my fellow citizens are because of me, it’s my fault.  Who knew?

Since society’s problems are because of me and my behavior then it appears that the solutions to these problems can be found in blaming me and taking away my freedoms and taxing me to death.   Here’s my proposal.

I will apologize for my behavior, I will apologize for the wrongs that I have inflicted on the violent, unemployed, uneducated, vandals and criminals and then the violent, unemployed, uneducated, vandals and criminals can mend their ways and behave like civilized human beings.

Is it a deal?



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