Over the hump

It’s really hard to believe that it’s been nine months since I started posting on WordPress. Nine months and almost one hundred posts later it’s time to take a look at where I am and what the future has in store.

When I started posting I had two goals: write delightful short stories, poems or commentaries and build a world-wide readership base that would be large enough to attract advertisers. The first goal has been met as evidenced by the “likes” I have received and the list of nations where my readers live. The second goal has unfortunately not yet been reached.  When I started posting I had a business plan that forecasted 1000 readers a day by six months, 3000 readers by nine months and 6000 readers by the end of one year.  With those kinds of readership levels, and the prime demographics that I reach, I was expecting to see advertising revenue from $.20 to $.50 or more per reader per day. For whatever reasons, the state of the economy or the recent government shutdown or fear of Obamacare, I have not yet hit those levels (last Thursday I had five views) while the expenses of writing a weekly post continue to mount (I had to buy a new computer in July and Diet Coke just took an increase on a twelve pack).

I think you can see the situation in which “Railroad Poetry” finds itself and I hope that you can see why I am now forced to ask for help to get me over this hump while I build readership levels.  Every week my latest post is there for you to enjoy and now I need your assistance to make sure that the stream of writing doesn’t stop.

Here is the “Railroad Poetry” commitment to you: if you will make an on-going contribution to “Railroad Poetry” (just until I hit 5000-6000 daily readers) there will be no interruption to the posts you have come to know and love.  Think about it, for less than the cost of five Starbuck coffees every day (the large one, with whipped cream and the caramel drizzle) you will know that the next “Railroad Poetry” post is, “coming down the line.”

Here is what you get:

“Railroad Poetry” – The writing never stops,

Convenience –  Automatic withdrawal from your bank account makes it convenient for you to partner with “Railroad Poetry” (please be sure to have the withdrawal set up so that I get the money before the 15th of the month),

Save Money – Automatic withdrawal saves you money—-no stamps,

Tax simplification – Since contributions to “Railroad Poetry” are not tax deductible there are no cumbersome files to maintain or tax forms to complete and no worry about nasty IRS audits.

Eco friendly – Automatic withdrawal means you are helping save the planet since no trees will be cut down to make paper for checks or envelopes,

World harmony – Supporting “Railroad Poetry” keeps readers from all over the world linked.

Premiums – If you sign up before November 15th I’ll send you a coffee cup and an “I ‘heart’ Railroad Poetry” bumper sticker.

What do you say, partner? Are you ready to step up?

We can do this, we can do this together.

Thank you.


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