Santa Claus

Take the time to be a little choosy when going to see Santa Claus. Last year Old St. Nick at Home Depot was about nineteen years old, had on Nike running shoes and asked the kids how old our furnace was. Over the years we’ve all seen Crazy Bob from Northeast Chevy or the guy at Mattress Land on TV in Santa suits and that can be confusing for the children.  Kids don’t believe in Santa Claus for as long as they once did and then the believers are robbed of part of their childhood just so Crazy Bob can stand there dressed as Santa Claus and scream about his low, low, low prices. It’s not right.

We took the kids to see Santa Claus last night.  Santa was great, a real white beard, small gold frame glasses, an old red suit that was just right and a gentle way with the children. Very simple and very nice. 

Kids love to see Santa and parents love to see their kids with Santa and take pictures of their kids with Santa and listen to their children tell Santa what they’re hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning.  Santa Claus is always magic for the little ones and Santa can be magic for us too when we let him show us the pure joy that we may have forgotten is possible.

If you have little kids take them to see Santa. If you don’t have kids or they’re too big for Santa rent some kids so that you can see that joy again.  See if you don’t remember the joy of Santa Claus when you’re convinced through the eyes of a child that Santa remembers and believes in you.


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