At Christmas it’s the thought that counts

For me, the best part of Christmas is giving dear friends a little gift that is completely unexpected.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to get me anything” and their faces light up like it’s Christmas morning and they’re nine years old again.

The next time you’re in McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Subway or Applebee’s or any other restaurant chain just look for the gift card rack when you’re leaving and pick up a few cards as gifts. During this wonderful time of year imagine how surprised and appreciative your friends will be when you hand them a gift card for their favorite seafood or barbecue restaurant or maybe a gift card so they can take their children or grandchildren to lunch at McDonald’s.  I like to keep plenty on hand. Such a simple thing to do and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

You can get them in any amount from $5 to $100 or no amount at all. The cards themselves have no value so help yourself to a stack and keep them handy to pass out at Christmas.  Imagine how thrilled your friends will be with your thoughtfulness when you give them your gift and imagine their surprise when the cashier smiles and says, “Sir, there’s nothing on this card”.

Maybe they’ll realize then that your real gift to them was the gift of joy they felt at Christmas. Maybe not.

Merry Christmas.


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