My New Year’s resolution

Every year it’s always the same. Like most people I make a list of silly resolutions and then disappoint myself when I don’t follow through. This year is going to be different. This year I’m going to make some serious resolutions which make sense. This year I resolve to run a marathon, have my taxes ready to send in no later than the 15th of January, stop eating gluten, cut out lactose, stop drinking beer (other than craft beers which cost over $7.50 a pint), stop using the car when I can walk or bike, learn how to speak a foreign language, learn to love soccer, make sure that I consume nothing with high fructose corn syrup, think about getting a full time job, start the journey to become vegan and plan to visit my sweet Aunt Ruthie who I haven’t seen for such a long time.

I was feeling pretty good about myself and my resolutions but then I looked back over the list and realized that maybe I’m trying to do too many things. Maybe instead of making a long list of resolutions this year I should concentrate on just one. Maybe that resolution for me should be to visit my Aunt Ruthie.  She was always such an important part of my life when I was a kid and now as she enters the twilight of her life I feel bad about not seeing her and not being there for her.  What a sweet, wonderful lady. As I sit here thinking about her it hit me how much I miss her now.

I’m not only going to resolve to visit her I am going to visit her right away.  I really love my Aunt Ruthie.  I just can’t wait to head on out to Denver to see her and then maybe while I’m out there I’ll take in that great Colorado experience.

Make a resolution and then keep it, that’s what I say.


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