Round and round

I don’t like to go shopping and I especially don’t like to go shopping at the mall because of the parking.  When I do have to head over to Whispering White Willows Creek Mall I usually park way in the back where there are always spaces and then I walk past the guy up front with his blinker on who sits there waiting to lay claim to the next spot in the aisle that opens up (he’ll be there when you come out) and past the cars going round and round in the parking lot version of musical chairs.

Before handicapped parking was created you didn’t see many disabled people at the mall because the parking just made it too difficult for them. Now there are handicapped spots close to the mall entrance and the number of spaces seems to be increasing.  The convenience of close-in parking has really helped the disabled get out there in the world.

When I was out doing some Christmas shopping as I walked through the parking lot past blinker and the musical parking group I saw a little red something pull into a handicapped spot and a young guy pop out.  I thought that it was so nice that a young man would take his grandmother or grandfather out for some shopping but then he went into the mall by himself.  There was no one else in the car that had the handicapped parking placard hanging from the mirror, it was his car.

I did some research and found that in addition to using a wheelchair, walker, cane or crutches people can qualify for handicapped parking by having a debilitating condition which may be caused by afflictions such as arthritis, obesity,  corns, calluses, bunions or sore feet, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, post nasal drip, acid reflux disease, depression and pms (special consideration for pms is probably a good idea).  Everyone gets a sticker or placard.

The problem with handicapped parking is that when everyone is handicapped no one is handicapped so now we have handicapped and non-handicapped blinkers and handicapped and non-handicapped musical parking and little has changed from the way it was before handicapped parking was created.

For me, when I have to go to the mall I’ll keep parking in the back and walk past them all.  I guess I’ll just keep doing that until my application is approved (psoriasis).



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