A special day

When I was a child one of the happiest days of the school year was Valentine’s Day.  I can remember bringing a lunch bag to school, taping it to my desk after lunch and then lining up and marching around the room dropping valentines in all the kids’ sacks.  After I dropped my card in “her” sack (“I’m NUTS about you, Valentine” with a picture of a big peanut) I got back to my desk and raced through the cards to see if she gave me one and she did (“You’re a cutie pie, Valentine” with a picture of a girl holding a pie). What a feeling and so what that everyone got a card from everyone else, she gave me a valentine. We were all so excited to pass out and receive the little cards and laughed each time we read them until Sister told us to put the sacks in our desk and enjoy the cards when we got home. 

It’s not the same when you become an adult and that’s too bad but I guess you really can’t pass out valentines at work. It would be nice to create that joy again but then you’d probably be called into a meeting with Human Resource to discuss sexual harassment charges.

I started to think about long ago Valentine’s Days and decided to tape lunch bags on all of the houses in the neighborhood and then pass out those little valentines (“Could you CARROT all about me, Valentine?” with a picture of a talking carrot).  This year all of the neighbors will be getting my cards and I’m sure that they’ll be thrilled and just maybe next year I’ll have a bagful like I did all those years ago.

I should have had more faith in my neighbors because this morning when I looked in the bag I had hanging on my door there it was, a little valentine just for me from one of my neighbors, a picture of a smiling little cherublike policeman twirling a night stick “Hey, Valentine, I  must insist you cease and desist”.   I guess it’s true,  you can’t go back.


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