It’s bad for you

For me nothing tops off a bagged lunch better than an apple: a nice, cold, crisp apple. So what happened as I set it there on the table?
“You’re not going to eat that are you?” my friend asked while making some kind of pained facial gesture.
“What? It’s a ham and cheese sandwich.”
“No, no, the apple, you’re not going to eat that.”
“I love apples, why wouldn’t I eat it?”
“Haven’t you read about the stuff sprayed on apples? They say it will kill you.”
And so I threw away my bright red, cold, crisp delicious Delicious apple and there went that lunch. I didn’t really know why apples were suddenly evil but I knew I had to do the right thing and so I didn’t eat my apple because of what “they” say. “They” seemed to be saying a lot and loving saying it.
And then it was “no” to sugar (except raw sugar) and “no” to salt (except sea salt which comes from the blue, blue ocean) and “no” to fats (except good fats like premium first-press, cold-press extra virgin olive oil from the third tree in the fourth row of an olive grove next to the little church with the blue bell tower on the Island of Crete but only if the oil comes in a hand blown green bottle with a cork) and “no” to cheeseburgers from fast food restaurants (oh, it’s okay to eat cheeseburgers but only if they cost more than $12.50, are called steakburgers and come on a 17 grain, no-gluten bun with a slice of extra sharp organic cheddar).
The good people, who know what is and what isn’t good for us, smile knowing that there just couldn’t be anyone better than them. And the stream of articles on studies of new evils just keeps on coming.
I started to notice that after the official word came out from “they” on what is good and bad that it usually wasn’t too long before claims were made about the link between the condemned foods and all sorts of ailments. The problem is that the general public does pretty much what it wants. The public ignores the looks and snarky remarks of their betters who listen to the experts and who look down on the rest of the population which disregards the constant flow of bulletins about the wholesomeness of our foods, the source of our foods and the effect our eating habits have on the environment—if only we would just listen to the experts why we could reduce the cost of health care, save the planet and live forever. If the people won’t listen to the experts and the good people I guess “they” will just have to make the people listen and so here come the directives and the regulations and oh, the taxes which produce revenue which doesn’t necessarily go for programs to really change behavior but to support whatever is the next batch of studies that are needed to control the next batch of behaviors which then brings the next batch of taxes.
But do you notice, “they always seem to condemn products which can be easily replaced. Don’t eat apples? Eat some other fruit. Don’t use sugar? Use honey. Don’t eat meat from the supermarket? Eat grass fed, organic Angus beef. It’s really so easy to be a good person by just doing what “they” say.
And what do we get for all of this jumping up and down? We get to believe that we care about ourselves and our families and our world. We get to feel that we’re now good people too and better yet we get to let others know that we’re good people and maybe force them to follow what we say they should do.
But an apple is just an apple. No big deal, just eat something else. There’s always been a substitute. But what would happen if tomorrow you woke up and read an article about studies which show that radio waves and internet signals and Bluetooth signals and microwaves and cell phones are killing people? Haven’t you heard? Those articles about radio waves and cell phones have been written.
Do you think that people will throw away their cell phones? Do you think that people will force WiFi signals to be shutdown? Do you really believe that people will give up their cell phone and WiFi connected devices? Do you really think that people will see their families as being more important than the latest I-gadget? Hey, I feel pretty good and so far the kids look alright, I guess. I don’t think there’s any danger or not too much danger and I’ll keep an eye on everyone. I sure don’t want to stop using all my stuff. “I’ll stop when I need glasses.”
That’s what I think. Let me know what you think. Text me.




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