How’s the fish?

I like two or three lightly breaded fresh fish fillets fried until the fish is crispy but no more served with hot, crisp french fries and what do I get? Heavily seasoned, square cut pieces of over-cooked frozen fish served with limp fries.

This time when I look at the menu and see “our English-style fish and chips” I don’t fall for it and decide to go instead for the “grilled Gulf grouper with sweet potato croquettes” and what do I get? A piece of fish only slightly larger than a Chiclet with a drizzle of some kind of green sauce sitting in the center of a plate which is about three quarters the size of a manhole cover with three little croquettes that should have been hush puppies and a daisy sitting next to the fish.

“How is everything?” asked our waitperson, Cindi with an “i”.

“The daisy’s delicious can I get another?”


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