A stop in Albuquerque

I was just reading about the protests against the Washington professional football team over the use of the team name, “*edsk*ns”- the “r” word, and thinking about the problems that some Native Americans have with the use of the “r” word. Indians are a strong people who are proud of their heritage and history.
It made me think of an eastbound train trip I took a few years ago from Los Angeles. At Albuquerque the train stops for about thirty minutes and Native Americans have tables set up on the platform where they sell their goods to travelers on the trains just like they have for over one hundred years.
Rings, necklaces and bracelets, all in the southwestern Indian style, along with blankets and rugs are laid out on the tables for the passengers to look over and buy. The Indian merchants seem to do a good business. I looked at a set of six place mats and a then found a small blanket that I knew my wife would just love.
A nice blanket for under $10.00 and back on the train for the rest of my trip. As we headed east out of Albuquerque I looked at my purchase and thought about how modern the Native Americans have become in today’s America with the building of huge casinos and brick and mortar or mail-order, tax-free cigarette stores all across the country and how nice it is to see that traditional Indian items are still a major part of their culture.
The blanket is a light gray with darker gray stripes at both ends. It’s very nice. Now, I’m not sure which tribe made the blanket but I do know it is a genuine Indian article because the tag said, Made in India.


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