That’s my team

It can be hard to be a sports fan when your team never seems to make it past also ran status. Year after year it’s always someone else. Year after year it’s watching the Yankees or the Patriots or the Red Sox or the Spurs or the Red Wings celebrate championships. Year after year it’s sitting in front of the TV watching the fans of those teams have the thrill of turning over police cars and setting them on fire while wearing their hats or shirts with the logos of the winning teams—-“we are the champions”.

I want to be a part of it. I want to be a winner, too. I want the world to know that my team won. Sure, I could have headed on down to the sporting goods store the day after the 2014 NBA championship game to pick up a San Antonio Spurs hat to show the world that , “Oh ya, I’ve always been a Spurs fan” but the new hat would have given me away. What, am I supposed to buy the hats of every team that makes the playoffs so I can break them in to be ready? “Oh, ya. I’ve always been a Spurs, Heat, Thunder, Pacers, Bulls (and the rest of the sixteen NBA playoff teams) fan. Big fan, huge.”
And the expense. Let’s say those team hats cost $30.00 each, why that’s $480.00 plus tax and that’s just the NBA. $480 so I’ll have the right hat, broken in the right way the day after winning the championship? What am I going to do with a stack of Thunder, Bulls and Clippers hats?

What’s a fan to do? This is a real problem and I think I have an idea for a product that just might meet the needs of the modern day American front-runner sports fan.
You’ve got your hometown team hat. You’ve got your Indians hat, right? You’ve got your Bears hat, right? You’ve got your Chargers hat, right? Go team. What’s better than rooting for the hometown team in your hometown team shirt? “Let’s go Royals”. Hey, your hat’s perfect isn’t it? The bill is shaped just the way you like it and it’s faded and there’s just enough of a sweat line and grime on the cap to show the world that you’re the genuine article , a real “I bleed Dodger blue, Dodgers fan”.

Now stick with me. I saw a demonstration of an ultra thin TV screen that was transparent and which could be laid over wallpaper. When the TV was off all you saw was the wallpaper but when it was on there was the TV. It was so thin the screen was able to be applied to a T shirt turning the shirt into a TV. What if we took that technology and instead of making it available to rich people who want to be able to show off their stylish home interiors without a common TV sitting there (so the world won’t know that they watch Gilligan’s Island reruns) we made that technology available to long suffering sports fans. What if we eased their pain? What if we made an electronic “front-runner’s” line of team apparel?

To anyone looking at you you’re just wearing your old Indians cap, your worn Mariners shirt, your old Texans jersey. But turn on the cap-app and you get to choose the logo and colors of the new Super Bowl champion, the new World Series champion or maybe just the logo of the Red Sox. You’ll be able to sit in the stands of your home team on a warm summer night and if they’re losing to Boston turn on your Red Sox app, change the color and logo on your cap to the Red Sox and join the other front-runner fans in the fun of being a part of the Red Sox nation.

Loyalty is good and everything but we’re living in a digital age where the world is our hometown. Why not show your support for teams that give you winning seasons and championships to cheer about? Why not show your support for your new favorite team to impress the cute girl with the Red Sox hat sitting in the row in front of you at the game?

Let’s go Tribe, click, let’s go Red Sox.


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