Do you have Tom’s number?

“Do you have Tom’s number?” I asked. “He told me to call him and now I can’t find his number” and with that my wife pulled out her iPhone and began pecking away.

It really is amazing. She didn’t have to dig in her purse for her old green and yellow address book, all she had to do was make a few clicks on her phone.

“Did you get Tom’s number?” I asked after about ten minutes.


“Do you have Tom’s number, his phone number?”

“Oh yeah, Tom, sorry. I went to get it and saw I had an alert about a chocolate chip cookie recipe and remembered that Judy had asked me about my chocolate chip recipe a few weeks ago. I was going to send her a better one on Pinterest but then when I went into Pinterest to get it I saw this really cute bathroom soap caddy that I’d like to make for the upstairs bathroom and now I’m trying to get on Amazon to order some of the stuff I’ll need to make it.”

“Give me a minute,” she said, “Now I’ve got to change my Amazon password for some reason, passwords are such a pain. I think that I’ll get one of those password keeper apps. I saw one yesterday that’s free and it really looks like it could help me stay organized. I can’t believe I should have to carry around a piece of paper with all my passwords. There it is, Passkeeper. Got it. Done. You should get this too” she said. “You’re always complaining about forgetting passwords.”

“Probably so”, I said. “I know what you mean about having a piece of paper with the passwords. It sort of defeats the reason you have a password in the first place.”

A couple of clicks, a new password and I was all set up with Passkeeper. The app really does look like it’s the way to go to keep things straight.

“I’m glad I took care of that. Thanks, sweetheart, you’re always looking out for me. Maybe I should take care of you, too. How about we get a pizza and go to a movie?”

“I’d like that”, she said. “Maybe we should call Tom and Judy to see if they’d like to go. We really don’t talk to them much anymore.”

“Good idea, do you have Tom’s number?”


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