My wife will be right back

Our family just got off the power grid. Hurray. We did it, we really did it and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our house is the first in the area to have solar panels installed on the roof and on the roof of our garage. No more ever increasing power bills for us. Goodbye, First Energy. The system became functional Saturday morning and is working great.

The kids are so excited. They’ve taken pictures of the solar panels and the electric meters and of their father ripping up the last electric bill this family will pay and have a created a show and tell presentation for school. I’ll just bet the phone starts ringing tonight when everyone in town hears what we’ve done.

I’m kind of the nuts and bolts guy on this project, I just love to see the latest technology in action. I’d like to take credit for making it but it was Jeannie who sits down to pay the bills who was the driving force behind our decision to go solar. She wanted to jump in here and tell everyone how thrilled she is with our new money saving energy independence and how we can now use the money we save for Hunter and Bethany’s college fund or for family vacations but she’s not here right now. She’s busy making the kids’ breakfast and it’s a cloudy day so she had to go next door to make toast.


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