My fish

So far I would give 2014 a C+ for the fishing season but then catching fish isn’t the only reason that I spend so many evenings on the pier. It’s usually very pleasant over the water with the boats sailing by and the gulls and the sunsets and the company of the other fishermen sitting there feeding nightcrawlers to the fish.

The sun sets before seven now so there isn’t as much time to fish but then as the weather cools the fishing does get better. Friday night as I was thinking about heading home I hooked and landed a beautiful 27 inch walleye. A very nice fish which brought all sorts of oohs and aahs when I landed it since everyone else was settling for 8-9 inch white bass.

The same familiar comments and jokes from the guys looking on with envy.

“That’s a keeper.”

“Take that big boy to dinner.’’

As I said goodnight to everyone I was thinking that it was a good thing that Jeannie had gone to the movies with her girlfriend since that would give me the chance to clean the fish in the kitchen now that it’s too dark to clean fish outside. With her out of the house there would be none of the “you’re not cleaning that fish in my kitchen” comments but I’d have to make sure that I really cleaned up everything with no evidence left behind.

After we walked into the kitchen one of us went into the sink. What a beautiful fish: shiny, clean and powerful.

I stood there and admired my catch as it sloshed around in the cold water and I started to think. I started to think about some guy who just opened a new vegan restaurant in town and who wrote an article for the local paper about eating only fruits and nuts and vegetables (only organic fruits and nuts and vegetables) and only wearing rubber shoes and not harming any form of domesticated or wild animal life. He seems like he must be a very good person.

There I was standing there sharpening my filet knife on the sharpening steel and thinking about what I had read. There I was standing there ready to clean my fish and thinking. I looked at my beautiful catch and then put down that sharpening steel and put down that filet knife. I knew I just couldn’t clean that fish with that knife. I just couldn’t. That filet knife was too small so I picked up the 9” knife and went to work.

I got about 3 pounds of filets. Delicious.


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