Nothing ever changes. It just seems to get worse and worse as the nation and the world divide and divide again arguing over subjects without answers. Arguments and fights and battles and wars forever.

Oh, sure, we see the best and the brightest come up with answers to the questions that divide us but it seems that more often than not those answers are based only on some suspect computer model and last about a month or so until a new model or estimate or guess or guesstimate is made about global warming or the war on terror or the economy or evolution or a hundred other subjects and then it’s back to arguing and name calling and fighting and war.

The best and the brightest? Says who?

A few weeks ago I was watching the Indians and Twins on TV and something struck me so I hit record on the DVR in the fourth inning of the game. Then thinking a little more about it I flipped over to some music channel and recorded a young gentleman singing a tune about killing the police. Here was the evidence about where we are now but I thought, how do I compare this current information with the past in order to verify the changes that would at last put one argument to rest?

I guess I could have sat down and written a computer modeling program but I wanted to watch the rest of the game and besides the battery on my laptop is about shot so I decided to look for evidence already available. While I had the recording of the fourth inning paused I opened You Tube on the laptop and looked up the 1927 New York Yankees. Then I looked up singers of roughly the same time period and found a recording of an opera singer named Enrico Caruso (Italian?) singing “O Sole Mio” (for comparison purposes I had wanted to find the same song but after doing some research I found no evidence that Mr. Caruso had ever performed a song about killing the police so I settled for “O Sole Mio”).

Now with the DVR and my 2002 32” Toshiba ready to go I hit play at the same time I hit play on my laptop showing the You Tube video of the 1927 Yankees. The difference was striking. Today’s players, whether pitching, running, batting, catching or throwing, move with such fluid motion and grace while the players in the 1927 video had herky-jerky, jumpy, almost crude movements. Even the great Babe Ruth ran the bases with a jittery and stuttering stride. Is it only today’s athletes who are so much better? No, I also looked at the fans in the stands and compared the smooth movements of today’s fans at Target Field in Minneapolis with the jumpy and shaky and jerky motions of the 1927 fans at Yankee Stadium. There was a real difference in the populations of the two eras.

While this comparison was fresh in my head I flipped the DVR over to the recording of the police song and played it along with the opera singer, singing “O Sole Mio” on my laptop. Again, the difference was startling. The voice of the young gentleman singing the police song was strong and full and vibrant, every word came through crystal clear, even the profanities. Caruso? Well, he seemed like he could carry a tune okay but his voice was flat and tinny and one dimensional and had a scratchy quality to it that distracted from the song he was singing. He also had a rhythmic snap, crackle and/or pop in this voice which was very annoying. I understand, from reading Wikipedia, that Caruso was very popular so it appears that the audiences of the day must have been used to this type of primitive vocal sound. I guess you can get used to anything.

So there it was. A guy sitting on his couch on a Saturday night watching a baseball game using a twelve year old TV, a DVR and a laptop had done what none of our best and brightest had been able to do, prove beyond a doubt and once and for all that evolution is a fact and that man has indeed evolved and gotten better.

Maybe putting this one argument, the evolution argument, to rest can start us down the path of ending other disagreements and conflicts which have plagued mankind throughout history. Maybe as we use common sense to end these arguments we will see our way to a more peaceful and happier world. If, in their wisdom, the committee believes that I deserve to be nominated and then win the Nobel Peace Prize I pledge that I will take part of the prize money to buy myself a new UHD TV and a new battery for my laptop so I can continue my work to make that dream come true.

Peace and love.


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