Let’s start with the turkey. We usually get a twenty some pounder and then there’s the mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, that green Jello salad with the shredded cabbage, sweet potatoes, two or three vegetable dishes not including the green bean casserole with the french fried onions (I’ll email you the recipe or if you want I can have Aunt Ruthie send over a dish), rolls and butter, cranberries and pumpkin pie. Traditions are what build families.
Ya, that’s what we’ve always have on Thanksgiving. I can smell that turkey in the oven right now as I’m thinking about it but I’m afraid this might be the last year. Traditions usually take a long time to become traditions but it seems this new one came out of nowhere and is taking over—Black Friday. Now the talk about Thanksgiving isn’t about the dinner or who’s bringing what or how many card tables we’ll need to set up it’s about flyers and discounts and coupons and early bird specials and crowds and people camping out in front of Best Buy on lawn chairs for a week to save $75 on a new flat screen TV that they need to replace last year’s early bird special flat screen.
I heard on the news that a woman in Delaware is petitioning Kmart so that her mother won’t have to work on Thanksgiving, you know, so she can be with her family. The lady is really petitioning Kmart so that her mother will not have to work on Thanksgiving in order to be with her family as they head on out to Walmart.
Over the river and through the woods to the shopping plaza we go
The van knows the way….
Like I was saying, we always get a twenty or twenty two pound bird but this year I’ve overheard phone conversations about maybe just getting four family size pizzas (two pepperoni, one pepperoni and mushroom and one plain) so we’ll be ready to go. We’ll probably have to eat by 2 if we’re going to get out there on Thanksgiving before 4. Get out there by four, that is, as a family. Tradition.


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