In my dreams

In my dreams I dream only of you
Of long walks in meadows under skies oh so blue
But my dear sweet love too often it seems
We are not alone inside of my dreams
No place to tell you my hopes and my fears
‘cause you’ve brought my Dad’s neighbor and the grocery cashier
And my seventh grade teacher and your dead Uncle Jack
The kid from McDonald’s and the guy in the back
Of the bus from downtown that I take every night
When I hurry home to be at your side

And it’s not really a meadow with acres of green
It’s more like a circus or some kind of scene
From a movie we saw in my Ford at the drive-in
With singing hot dogs and kids who were fighting
And a boat with two ducks and the lady next door
And Al Roker, Dick Clark and Zsa Zsa Gabor
And because we’re never alone it seems
I can only dream about my dream.


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