A biography

I’ve always wondered how a biography is written. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. We know when and where he was born but until he became accomplished how much do we really know about his life? What records are there? I suppose that the authors simply looked at the area and time in which Lincoln lived and created a narrative out of the most likely events. Maybe it does not really matter that much but it would be interesting to know more of the actual day to day details of the early life of a giant of American history.
Now if I ever become famous you won’t have any problem learning all about me.
“It was cold and dreary the morning of January 21st, 2014 (cloudy and 18 degrees but it felt like 5 degrees with the wind chill) when the late model sedan slowly pulled into the Gas and Save at 10:13 (11.192 gallons at $3.69/gallon minus 15 cents per gallon with his fuel perks card). After finishing the fueling the distinguished looking gentleman walked slowly into the Gas and Save store and poured himself a free double latte (every fifth coffee, tea, cold beverage or slushy is free as a member of the Gas and Save beverage club) and off he went.”
“The rest of the day was much like every other day as the good looking fellow left a digital trail all over town buying groceries (saving $1.50 on a pound of chopped ham with his Giant Food Express “Plus Card”), batteries at Radio Shack (no need to give them your phone number anymore with the use of the Radio Shack preferred customer card) and a printer cartridge at Staples using his Staples Rewards card. That night the handsome man and the Mrs. enjoyed the latest Hobbit movie with two large Diet Cokes and a large popcorn at the price of two medium drinks and a medium pop corn using their Movie Max card.”
Between customer reward cards, phone records and the GPS system in the car there were only ten minutes on that cold day in January that we don’t know where I was, what I was buying, what I was doing or what I was saying and texting (I don’t take my phone in the shower).
The biography about me should write itself. Maybe we won’t need an author at all, maybe all that we’ll really need is just some kind of biography app.


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