War stories

“How have you held up all these years?” Brian asked as he approached Hillary. “Being under sniper fire on the tarmac must have been terrifying.”
“It was and I think about it all the time but I’m doing alright” she said reaching out for his hands. “We were under sniper fire but your helicopter got hit. That must have been terrible.”
“It got pretty bad but it I knew we’d get through it” the anchorman said grimacing as if the bullets were coming right at him, again.
“So did I, our armed forces are the best in the world.”
The two American icons walked together hand in hand about ten steps ahead at a distance where no one in the party could hear their conversation. Were they continuing to talk about their war experiences and how they had put their jobs, their careers and their very lives on the line as true public servants? The others walked behind and gave each other looks which acknowledged being in the presence of true American heroes.
One could only imagine the deeply personal insights that they were sharing. It looked very serious as they stopped, turned toward each other, looked solemnly in each other’s eyes for a few moments and then released their hands and gave out a tremendous laugh as Hillary threw both arms in the air and screamed, “What difference does it make?”


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