So there I was heading up to the tee on the fifth hole at Twin Maples Country Club. That par 5, fifth hole (555 yards) has always given me problems but then I decided, not today.
As I stepped off the golf cart I pulled my driver out of the bag and instead of heading to the mens tee I said to myself, “Bob you are now Roberta”, and I walked to the ladies tee. Now I can’t say that I hit the ball any better but it just seemed that because of the shorter distance I had a little extra confidence when I swung that club. As I got back into the cart (after saying, “Roberta, you are now Bob”) I threw my fist into the air in a victory salute.
I did wonder whether or not I needed to enter some kind of note or asterisk next to my score but I decided that, no, this is a personal choice I am making and it’s nobody’s business if I am Bob or Roberta or Boberta or what I am doing or not doing on or off the golf course. My gender identity is my business.
It did cross my mind though that if I make a big deal out of using the women’s tees while dressed in a golf outfit that said Bob someone might object. If that happens I just might be playing at Boberta’s Twin Maples Country Club in the very near future.


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