Great for America

People made things. They saw needs in a young country and they imagined solutions and then they built the factories to make the tools and clothes and furniture and machinery that the nation needed. The factories were built with brick and stone and steel and they gave purpose to the towns that grew up around them. The people worked in the factories and the smoke from the chimneys meant that the workers were supporting their families. The towns and cities and America prospered and grew strong, strong enough to go to war and turn back the forces of evil.
Then things changed, the plants closed and the jobs moved away and the massive factories built of brick and stone and steel and built strong enough to last a century stood there empty and produced nothing.
That’s not right for America or for Americans and that’s not what Americans do so we’re putting those buildings back to work. This time we won’t be building locomotives or washing machines or automobiles or tractors but we will be calling on American geniuses like Ford and Edison and Bell to inspire us.
This time we won’t be building with iron or steel. This time there will be smoke but it won’t be coming out of the tall chimneys next to the factories it will be in the great new sandwiches we’re building with smoked ham and/or turkey and Swiss cheese piled high on artisan buns and a special All-American sauce that brings to mind the strengths of Henry and Thomas and Alexander (why not make it a combo with chips and a medium drink for just $1.99 more).
And don’t worry about parking. Back when the factory was working around the clock there were over 3500 people employed at the plant so we’ve got a huge parking lot.


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