How much?

I like ice cream. About the only flavor I don’t like is coffee.

I like bacon. I like bacon and eggs and BLTs and bacon on hamburgers and bacon in salads.

I like potato chips. I like the regular chips and the ruffles kind but I’m not much of a fan of the flavored chips except maybe some of the barbecue ones.

I like orange juice. I like a nice cold glass of orange juice for breakfast and sometimes later in the day when orange juice just seems to hit the spot.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that a half gallon of ice cream (the way my mom always bought ice cream) now comes in a 48 or 54 oz. “half gallon”, the pound of bacon comes in a 12 oz.-1 pound package, the one pound bag of chips comes in a handy 10 oz.-1 pound size and the ½ gallon of orange juice comes in the convenient 59 oz. carton.

Remember when inflation meant paying more for an item. Now inflation means paying more for less of an item in packaging that is meant to deceive the consumer. Ice cream makers have pretty much gone to the carton with the lid. The lid is the same size as it was when the carton contained 64 oz. but now the sides of the carton slope to conceal that the fact that the package holds less product. See that box of Wheaties or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes? Same size boxes when you look straight at the front but checkout the side, it’s about a 1/3 smaller (for a higher price). It just goes on and on.

Try to buy a pound of ground beef from the supermarket meat case and all you’ll find are packages containing 1.27 or 1.33 pounds. Go to the meat counter for the pound of ground beef the recipe calls for and the same meat is priced higher.

Need shoes? Why not head on over to Kohl’s, they always seem to have great prices. Wow, look at those terrific cross-training shoes, regularly $125.00 but now take 40% off and take an extra 15% off today and tomorrow only. Got Kohl’s Bucks? Great, take another $10 off and if you use your Kohl’s charge take another 5% off. You walk out of the store with a $125 pair of shoes for about $50.00. Isn’t that something? How does Kohl’s stay in business giving stuff away?

How much is that candy bar in the display by the cash register at the Pump-n-Go? $1 or 2 for $1.50?

Gee, I just saved $.50 when I bought 2 candy bars. I wonder how many candy bars I would have to buy every day to save enough money to be able to quit my job?

Getting mad about food prices? Why just look at that, the Super Food Giant just marked down a bag of potato chips to the lowest price ever—it’s a large bag too, oh, but now it only holds 8 oz. It’s still a good deal though, isn’t it?

So how much does a candy bar cost? How much do the shoes cost? How about a pound of bacon or a pound of potato chips or a half gallon of ice cream or a half gallon of orange juice? We have no idea what things are worth.

Deception, deception, deception, we live in a world of deception and I haven’t even mentioned Obamacare.