Way to go

All that Megan had to do was pass the ball to her Wildcats teammate, Sarah, who was wide open for the layup and what did Megan do? She dribbled the ball off her foot and watched it roll away as the buzzer sounded ending the game with the Wildcats trailing by one.

They lost by one point. Sadness? Disappointment? No, not really. Megan got high fives all around and “nice tries” and some hugs and then everyone got in line and received a trophy.

I think my boss, Bethany, must have been on the Wildcats growing up. I came back into the office to a “how’d it go?” and after telling her that the customer didn’t bite I got a “nice try” and a high five, which was kind of awkward, but then she pulled out my sales report and told me I hadn’t made my quota for the month which meant that the company would have to let me go. Then she came over and gave me another high five and a big hug.

I’ll have to go on unemployment but I do get a company t-shirt so that’s nice and those “high fives” and hugs make me feel pretty good about myself. The t-shirt is blue.