Climate change and me

I’ll admit it. I’ve been one of those climate change deniers you read about. I just can’t believe the popular theory that human beings burning fossil fuels are causing climate change. It’s nothing political it’s just that I put the global warming and climate change theories into the same category as, the wine is bad, no it’s good, the sun is good, no it’s bad ever changing malarkey we get from our so-called experts.
I do think that the climate is changing. Something is going on and I don’t see how that can be denied. I just can’t believe, however, that driving your car and running the air conditioner and grilling a hot dog are the causes of the climate change. We are seeing changes that will affect everyone on earth and we’ve got to do something before coastal cities are flooded and island nations disappear below the waves. We’ve got to do something before storms and droughts and famines kill millions all over the planet.
We know that we’ve got to do something but is there really anything we can do? If I am right that the climate is changing and if I am right that it’s not being caused by the use of fossil fuels then is there any activity of mankind which can be identified as causing the climate to change? Are there changes in our behavior which can be made in order to save our home, the earth?
I believe there are and that it might not be too late to make those changes. You see it’s all about ocean water and how it circulates and how violent water circulation can cause changes in the weather. When you study the situation you find out about the level of salt in the sea. Less salty areas of water react violently with the more salty areas causing a churning effect which causes changes in the sea which then causes changes in weather which leads to changes in the climate. We are changing the way in which the layers of water in the ocean interact with each other and I believe that if we have changed them we can change them back.
What is happening to cause these changes in the levels of salt in the ocean you may ask and just what is the source of the salt in the ocean anyway?
According to the National Ocean Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
Salt in the ocean comes from rocks on land.
The rain that falls on the land contains some dissolved carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. This causes the rainwater to be slightly acidic due to carbonic acid (which forms from carbon dioxide and water).
As the rain erodes the rock, acids in the rainwater break down the rock. This process creates ions, or electrically charged atomic particles. These ions are carried away in runoff to streams and rivers and, ultimately, to the ocean. Many of the dissolved ions are used by organisms in the ocean and are removed from the water. Others are not used up and are left for long periods of time where their concentrations increase over time.
This process has been going on since the beginning of time so what is different now? Is less salt flowing into streams and rivers and then into the oceans? Is that why areas of the oceans are less salty?
No, the salt continues to flow into the oceans. But if the salt continues to flow into the ocean why is the level of salinity dropping in some areas?
Why? Why is the level of salinity dropping? Because of you and me and our families and our neighbors and friends. I believe that the cause of our climate change problem is sitting right there in the kitchen, or maybe on the end tables next to the Lazy Boys where we watch the big game. The cause of our problem has a name and it’s snacks.
During a timeout when you run to the kitchen what do you get? When you feel like a bowl of ice cream what flavor is in the freezer? Think about it. Think about it real hard. You reach for the Nabisco Triscuit crackers, now with sea salt, or the Lay’s Wavy potato chips with sea salt or the sea salt caramel ice cream. Where do you think we get that tasty sea salt?
We can only go to the well, or in this case the ocean, so many times before we see big changes and we are seeing those changes now. We keep taking and taking and taking but Mother Nature has only so much to give. Salty snacks (now with sea salt) and then more storms and floods. Sea salt on our chips and then we see disease and famine. Sea salt caramel ice cream and we watch Pacific islands slip under the waves.
Time to take those unopened cartons of Triscuit crackers (now with sea salt) back to the Food Express and exchange them for the old variety with table salt. Do it now. Save mankind. Save the planet.
But just in case I’m wrong why not ride your bike or walk to the grocery store because maybe it is the SUVs after all which are causing climate change.


Where were you?

“Where were you?”
“I remember I was…”
“I’ll never forget…”
But we have pretty much forgotten except maybe every year on 9/11 when we remember the three planes used to attack our country.
And now millions line up to invade Europe and get ready to be brought into the United States. This time we get to pay to for the invasion, for the attack.
“What did you do to stop it?” our children will ask. “Where were you?”
“I don’t remember, I forget”.